Question Passage: Waiting is very annoying, exhausting, and time -consuming. Waitin to buy books at the college store is an example of a very long and tiresome task. I need to buy books, and so does everyone else. This causes the lines to be very long. Most of the time I find myself leaning against the wall daydreaming. Sometimes I even leave this and hope to come back when the store isn't extremely busy. But that never works because everyone sh=else seems to get the same idea. So I finally realize that I just have to wait. Another experience is waiting for a ride home from school or work. My ride always seems to be the last car to pull up in the parking lot. When I am for a ride, I wonder what it would be like to win a car or if would ever make it home. Waiting in line at a  fast -food restaurant is also annoying because, if it is fast ' I shouldn't have to wait. ut in But in reality it is never fast, I spend a good deal of my time to buy a burger or a chicken fry. By the time I am handed over the food, I feel hunger, or sometimes I find my appetite totally gone. Anyway, I shouldn't complain, because waiting just seems to be a part of life, so I might as well accept it. 

Answer the following question:

which of the following best describes the writer's attitude to waiting?





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