Question Passage: I have traveled in many countries and have met with men of all classes, but never in my travels did I feel the presence of the human so distinctly as in this land. In other great countries signs of man's power-loomed largely, and I saw vast organizations which showed efficiency in all their features. There, display and extravagance, in dress, in furniture, in costly entertainment are startling. They seem to pus you back into a corner, like a poor intruder at a feast they are apt to make you envious or take your breath away with amazement. There you do not feel the man as supreme. you are hurled against stupendous things that alienate But in Japan it is not the display of power or wealth that is the predominating element. you see everywhere emblems of love and admiration, and not mostly of ambition and greed.

Answer the following question:

The writer praises the Japanese because--

they make you envious

they love and entertainment

they have vast organizations

they are very humane

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