Question Passage: Read the following passage carefully and choose the most appropriate answer of the question given on the basis of you comprehension of the passage:
Think customer says a huge in the lobby of Dell 3, one of Dell Computer Corporation's their biuding at the Round Rock Texas campus, The reminder almost seems redundant because that's what Dell's Computer Corporation has room to symbolize since its humble beginning in Michael Dell's dorm room in 1983.
Rather than let the computer re sellers medicate the relationships between company and customer, Dell began with a redically different business model
for a high tech company ; Sell computers directly to customers and offer them direct technical support ' We have a tremendously clear business model' says Michel  Dell , the 35 years old founder. There's no confusion about what the value proposition is, what the company offers and why it's great for customers. That's very simple thing but it also garners tremendous profits for the company . In 1998, Dell's revenues were 12.3 billion, with thew company growing at the rate of 52 percent a year. It recently passed IBM to become the nation's second largest seller or business computers and is because the gaining of Compaq. Dell is running rings around competitors because the direct to customer business model enables the company to be extremely responsive Because model enables the company to be extremely responsive . Because its computers are built to order allowing it to slash inventories and keep costs low. Dell can prices products 10% to 15% less than its rials can.

Answer the following question:

Which company is the largerst seller of business computers'?




Both Dell and IBM

Both IBM and Compaq

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