A person who does not want to see the realities of life and tries to escape -----





Description (বিবরণ) : Escapist- যে ব্যাক্তি জীবনের দুরুহ বা অপ্রীতিকর বাস্তব ঘটনা এড়িয়ে যেতে চায়; Hovel- বাসের অনুপযোগী জীর্ণ ঘর; Scavenger- পচা মাংস থেকে যেসব পশুপাখি জীবনধারন করে; plunderer- লুন্ঠনকারী।

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Decision that cannot be taken back ----





Description (বিবরণ) : Irrevocable- প্রত্যাহার করা যায় না এমন; Rigid- দৃঢ়, অনমনীয়; Order- বিন্যাস, ক্রম; Brief- সংক্ষিপ্ত।

A truck driver must complete a 180-mile trip in 4 hours. If he averages 50 miles an hour for the first three hours of his trip, how fast must he travel in the final hour?

30 mph

35 mph

40 mph

45 mph

If it takes 50 workers 4 hours to dig a hole, how long should it take 30 workers to dig the same hole?

2 hrs, 24 mins

6 hrs, 12 mins

5 hrs, 12 mins

6 hrs, 40 mins

The angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 4. The largest angle in the triangle is :

40 degree

70 degree

75 degree

80 degree

For every novel in the school library there are two science books, for each science book there are seven economice books. Express the ratio of economics books to science books to novels in the school library as a triple ratio.

7 : 2 : 1

7 : 1 : 2

14 : 7 : 2

14 : 2 : 1

A company makes a profit of 6% on its first Tk. 1,000 of sales each day and Tk. 55 per thousand on all sales in excess of Tk. 1,000 of that day. How much profit will the company make in a day when sales are Tk. 6,000?