Fill in the gap : It was not long since I ----her last.



had seen

have seen

None of these

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Fill in the gap : Students should -----the rules.

aim at

abide by

bask in

cohort in

None of these

When will you finish the work?

Another time

For two hours

Almost every day

By today

None of these

The boss is looking for you. Where have you been?

Go for a Sandwich

With Jane

At 12 : 00

Out for lunch

None of these

What do you do at your leisure?

With Bob

In my room

English Poem

Read Novels

None of these

When will you mail that letter?

Last night

After School

To Karim

By Kabir

None of these

What kind of work do you do?

I work every day

I'm a piano teacher

I worked two hours

Dhaka tomorrow

None of these