Such a --------- glance can pay -------- attention to details.

cryptic, close

cursory, little

fleeting, vigilant

keen, scanty

None of these

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Rarely ------ seen far from water

spotted frogs

spotted frogs have

have spotted frogs

are spotted frogs

None of these

We were watching the news when the telephone ..........




had rung

The sentence 'Empty vesserls sound much ' refers to ___

A little learning is a dangerous thing

Pride goes before destruction

Haste makes waste

Barking dog seldom bites

It is 11 am now. The sun _____ in the eastern sky.

has been shining

had been shining


is shining

The roads of Dhaka are wider____.

then Sylhets

Than Sylhet

Then those of sylhet

than those of sylhet

The word 'Everything' is _______

an adverb

a pronoun

a noun

an adjective