Select the correct sentence from the four options

He dinners at the local restaurant .

He dines of the local restaurant.

He dinners of the local restaurant .

He diners at the local restaurant.

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He does not need any introduction, on account of his famous No error .


on account of


No Error.

The doctor diagnosed the patient's disease on the basis of the symptom and prescribed necessary medicinal . No error

on the basis of



No Error

If his accusations true , there would be a number of senior officials held accountable for corruption . No Error .



held accountable

No Error

If an excerpt from any published materials is used , the source of such an extract should be mentioned . No Error.



be mentioned

No Error.

The manager's appraisal report on his subordinate's performance was rejected as it was deemed to be biased . No Error.


was rejected


No Error

For every novel in the library there are 2 science books; for each science book there are 7 economics books. Express the ratio of economics books to science books to novels in the library as a triple ratio.

14 : 1 : 2

14 : 2 : 1

7 : 1 : 2

7 : 2 : 1