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Sonali & Janata Bank Ltd. Senior Officer (IT/ICT) 08.06.2018

সালঃ ২০১৮

Zurich Space Center

London Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

New York Space Center

Russia and Morocco

Russia and Egypt

Russia and Saudi Arabia

Egypt and Uruguay

Alan Ginsberg

Monica ALi

Robert Itosi

Anisul Hoque

1st World War

2nd World War

Gulf War

Iraq war

Niaz Morshed

Ziaur Rahman

rani Hamid

Quazi Motahar Hossain

Sylhet and Rangamati

Rangpur and Dinajpur

Mymensingh and Netrokona

Cox's Bazar and Bandarbon

Pari chad Mitra

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhy

Akshay Kumar Datta

Promoth Chowdhury

Bangladesh Bank

Bank of England

Federal Reserve System

State Bank of India

Lake Adelman

Lake Baikal

Lake Malawi

Lake Huron

excessive typing

watching for long hours

excessive anxiety due to online search


3D printing

Internet of things


Executive dahboard





data transfer time

response time

power consumption

shelf life

insiders only

authorized outsiders only

all outsiders

both insiders and authentic outsiders





Adobe Acrobat

MS Excel

Fax Pro

Power Point

To remove redundancy

To made data meaningful

To make database secure

To make database consistence

data file dish

data flow daigram

disk flat database

disk file database

1 bit

2 bit

4 bit

8 bit

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