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Management Trainee Officer (MTO) 20.07.2018

সালঃ ২০১৮

Who is being lived next door

Who does live in the next door

Who lives next door

who was living next door

None of these

the students can turn over the reports on Monday

the reports om Monday could be received from the students by him

the students could hand in thier reports on Monday

the students will turn in their reports on Monday

None of these

She had not much suger

there was not a great amount of suger

she did not have much suger

She was lacking in amount of suger

None of these

linguistic incompetency

are beacause of not understanding themeselve

are the result of misunderstading

lack of the intelligent capabilities of misunderstanding

None of these

has been rather eratic recently

have taken stumps and rises in recent years

has been erratically latelly

are going up and down all the time

None of these

I already twice have read this book

I twice have already read this book

I have twice already read this book/

I have been reading the book

No improvement

would appreciated

have appreciated

should appreciate

could appreciate

No improvemnt

she, no I

her, not me

her, nor I

she, but me

No improvement

not different from

no diffrent from that of the

not different from he

no different to

No improvement

Remove the cmma after day

Change Columbus day to Columbus Day

Change summer to Summer

Remove the comma after seminar

Replace if with since

Insert which after agencies

Remove the comma aftr worker's

Insert a comma after insrance

Replace their' with they re

No correction is necessary

insert a comma after work

relpace for with four

insert a comma after prople

replace which with who

no correctionj is necessary

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