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Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd - Probationary Officer - 29.07.2011

সালঃ ২০১১

None of these

To use all available techniques to fight

To make a good use of the opportunity

To make a good use of the solar energy

To make a good harvest

recognition, error

reward, anger

admonishment, love

credit, altruism

None of these

the more energy it has

than it has more energy

more energy has it

it has more energy

None of these

cryptic, close

cursory, little

fleeting, vigilant

keen, scanty

None of these

spotted frogs

spotted frogs have

have spotted frogs

are spotted frogs

None of these

Getting spoiled

Preferring dogs as pets

Making new friends

playing Farm Ville

None of these

For higher study


For traveling

In search of fortune

None of these


At a rate less than inflation


Every month

None of these

Guessed one

Clever one

Informed one

Quick one

None of these

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