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Midland Bank ltd - Management Trainee Officer - 10.04.2015

সালঃ ২০১৫

By pumping in more comfort goods in the market

By sacrificing high profit on comfort goods

By targeting youths in the sales campaign

By appealing to the emotionality

It helps to project one's image

It help to project your values

I encourages a blend of materialistic and spiritual thinking

It facilitates mental life

He used to put higher premium on comfort

His emphasis was on beauty

He was relying on advertisements

He believed more in simple and cheaper things

It is taken for granted in the modern way of living

It has become now an ideal to be pursued for its own sake

It is now believed that discomfort handicaps thought

In is thought that comfort helps body and mind to function effectively

They want to manufacture more and more comfort goods

Manufacturers are mainly interested in creating new things

Their prosperity is closely linked with the people's desire for comfort

Manufacturer's emphasis is on producing beautiful things

Atheist : Religion

Skeptic : Pious

Iconoclast : Idol

Apostate : State

Propeller : Aeroplane

Radar : Satellite

Hydrogen : Ballon

Accelerator : Car

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