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সালঃ ২০১৩

stay over

stay up towards

stay at


None of them

in the economy

on the economy

IN economy

up to the

None of them

of owning

to owning

at owning

in owning

None of them

she, not I

her, not me

her, not I

she , but me

None of them

not differentfrom

no different from that of the

not different from the

no different to

No of these

to give possession

to keep a reasonable distance

to make a pact

get involved

None of them

to agree with someone

to get into a quarrel

to reject someone

to plan together

None of them

he became mad

he became less successful

he got lost

he became involved in criminal activity

None of them

to dislike someone

to bolster one's performance

to override someone's decision

to be in a subordinate position to someone

None of them

set goals

Search jobs

Browse job sites

Visit organizations

None of them

It is apurpose you set for yourself

It is what you hope for int he future

Identifying the right job

Both a and b

None of them

Your teachers

Powerful relatives

Your skills

Physical strength

None of them

Training program

Education program

A program

Physical strength

None of them

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