Standard Bank Ltd

Standard Bank Ltd - Officer - 2006

সালঃ ২০০৬

have lower interest rates repeatedly

interest rates have repeatedly lowered

has repeatedly lowered interest rates

interest rates have been repeatedly lowered

have been repeatedly lowered interest rates

has been designated

have been designated

have been designed

has been designed

have designed






Regardless of

Careless of


Spite of


to help navigate

for help navigate

to help navigation

for help navigation

of helping navigate

If you, any however, have

However, you have any

However, if you have any

However, you may have any

If you, however, any have

It is required for attaching

as it is required that you to attach

It is required that you to attach

It is required that you attach

It is requirement you attaching

Facts : Establish

Illustration : Justify

Data : Measure

Fortification : Defend

Weapon : Attack

Fun : Enjoyment

Collection : Set

Theft : Low

Robbery : Police

Misdeed : Penalty

Apply for : Provide

Give to : Offer

Plant : Yield

Supply : Obtain

Ask for : Get

Reap : Autumn

Grow : Field

Plant : Yield

Crop : Seed

Spread : Seed

Assertion : Reimbursement

Accusation : Trial

Receipt : Purchase

Application : Denial

Collection : Assortment

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