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He hates and distrusts other human beings.

Non-human have refused cooperation to human beings.

He has been dominated by drives of acquisitiveness and power.

He consciously practices spirit of cooperation

None of these

Power and possession go hand in hand.

There is a need for a now renaissance.

Poor and weak people are oppressed by the modern man.

The modern man is not individualist.

Western renaissance had held so much promise for the mankind.






Craving for power and possession

Basic respect for all individuals

Spiritual development of all individuals

Spirit of inquiry and knowledge

Recognition of freedom and equality.

barefaced : shame

mealy mouthed : talent

heartbroken : emotion

levelheaded : resolve

single handed : ambition

epidemic : contagiousness

vaccing : virus

laxative : drug

anesthetic : numbness

therapy : psychosis

generation : pyre

burial : mortuary

weapon : centurion

massacre : invasion

prediction : augury

To keep calm

To be agile and active

To think coherently

To keep

None of these

Secret or hidden enemy

Unforeseen happening

Unrecognizable danger

Irreliable person

None of these

To suffer

To fight evil forces

To die

To become rational

None of these

Changing weather

To be untrustworthy

To be inconsistent

To be rich and poor frequently

None of these

To take risk

To hazard one self

To do a task secretly

To do a hazardous thing without any idea of the result

None of these

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