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Analytical Ability

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son-in-law and father-in-law

step-son and step-father

son and mother

Son and step-mother

son and mother-in-law

Male and female executives at the same level have the same qualification.
They pay the same salary to senior men and senior men
The work pressure and long hours make jobs with the company unattractive to married woman.
All job applicants who were rejected had fewer qualification than those accepted
The toys in the cereal boxes have changed partly because the economic conditions of our society have improved
The influence of promotion of gimmicks has on the economic behaviour of our society over time
The toys that used to come in cereal boxes were put together by the same children who played with them .
Part of the pleasure of any toy lies in putting the toy together before playing with its
More case are now reported because of increased administrative efficiency
A more effective diagnostic test was introduced about nine month ago
The disease is prevalent only in some industrialised areas which have shown a dramatic increase in population due to migration
The incidents (number of cases per thousand) of malaria, also contacted from mosquito bites has increased
Democratic Republic of Somalia
Islamic Republic of Somalia
Federal Republic of Somalia
Republic of Somalia
December 18,1971
January 11, 1972
April 7, 1973
December 16, 1972

In"Right on Time" courier service, during an autumn day, a courier has to deliver six packages- Hurricane, Torpedo, Cyclone, tornado, Typhoon and Thunder. He delivers no other packages, and no two packages are delivered at the time.the order in which the packages are delivered conforms to the following conditions:
  • Hurricane is neither delivered first nor delivered last.
  • Cyclone is delivered before Tornado
  • Thunder is delivered after Tornado is delivered
  • Typhoon and Cyclone are delivered in immediate succession, regardless of weather Typhoon or Cyclone is delivered first.

Hurricane, Thunder
Torpedo, Thunder
Cyclone, Hurricane
None of these
Cyclone is the first package delivered
Typhoon is the first package delivered
Hurricane is delivered after Torpedo is delivered
Tornado is the third package delivered