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Spelling Mistakes

ভাষাজ্ঞান যাচাইয়ের জন্য Spelling একটি অন্যতম মাধ্যম। তাই কিছু কিছু পরীক্ষায় প্রার্থীর বানান সচেতনতা যাচাই করতে Misspelled Words এর মধ্য থেকে সঠিক বানান বিশিষ্ট শব্দটি বের করতে বলা হয়। বানানে দক্ষতা অর্জনের জন্য অনুশীলনের বিকল্প নেই।


accommodation, accelerate, ascertain, acquiesce, ambassador, aquarium, abbreviation, annihilate, amateur, ambiguous, archaeology, assessment, admission, anemia, altogether, achieve, accompany, accrue, acquisition, adequate, alliance, anonymous, anxiety, abhorrence, abstinence, acceleration, acclamation, accomplishment, agglomerate, aggression, apparatus, artillery, affiliation, aggravate, anniversary. accumulation, acquaintance, attendance, assassination, accessories, aggressive, announcement, assurance, alleviation, adolescence, appreciate, astronauts, acclaimed.


bureaucracy, billionaire, balloon, benevolence, bequeath, beginning, barrack, brilliant, bulletin, buffalo, baccalaureate, bureau, barricade, beverage, bioscope, boycott, bouquet, banned, bacteria, bourgeoisie.


cadaverous, column, curfew, cafeteria, constellation, census, competition, champagne, cemetery, chancellor, colleague, commission, commissioner, commemorate, committee, conceive, curriculum. curvaceous, commit, callous, conscience, carrier, courier, cafeteria, challenge, characteristic, chauffeur, collision, counselor, connotation,  catastrophe, corroborate, catalogue, campaign, chancellor, correspondence, cylinder, conveyance, colossal, cigarette, 


dilemma, diligent, discipline, deleterious, deference, desiccate, diphtheria, dexterous, diagnosis, doctrinaire, decision, deceive, demonstrate, discrimination, development, destitute, dyeing, dialogue, dimension, dysentery, dynamite, deceit, dumbfounding, dictionary, depression, declaration.


embarrassment, embassy, exaggerate, exiguous, extraneous, embarrass, equilibrium, ecstasy, efficient, enroll, enrol , exclamatory, exemplary, encyclopedia/ encyclopaedia,  epidemic, embellished, eccentric, entertainment, endeavor, excessive, elementary, enthusiasm, exhilaration, elephantiasis, embedded. endorsement, etiquette, embroider, enamour /enamor, exhibition, experiment, equinox, electricity, enthusiastic, expedient, expression.


fallacious, feeble, fascination, feminine, floriculture, fundamentalism, frustration, forgery, fulfil fulfill, fourteen, fullness, factitious, foreign, forfeit, follicle, gazette, gazetteer, grammar, guarantee, gymnasium, geology, grieve, garrison, guerrilla, gallery, grievance, giraffe, galaxy.


harmony, helicopter, homogeneous, heterogeneous, hurricane, humorous, hideous, hygienic, hallucination. hostility, hindrance, height, hypocrisy, haphazard, hydraulic, harassment, haggling, humiliate, hostage, hygiene


indigenous, indispensable, inference, irresistible, independence, indiscriminately, ideology, immense, interrupt, inoculate, irrelevant, intelligibility, instantaneous, intellectual, installation, inaugurate, irreparable, inaccessible, jealous, journalism, jubilee, juvenile, juxtapose, knight, knighthood. kaleidoscope, lieutenant, locomotive, leisure, litterateur, license, linguistics, luggage, luxuries, league. It's not a book, it's your buddy


machinery, magazine, magistrate,  massacre, messenger, merchandise, memorandum, merriment, meticulous, microscope, misanthrope, mortgage, message, millennium, misspell, maintenance, miscellaneous, , mountebank, millionaire, malnourished, monolingual, mongoose, mausoleum, mileage, niece, ninety, ninth, nursery, negligence, novelette, nuisance, occasion, occur, occurrence, overwhelming, obnoxious, ominous, orthodox, onomatopoeia, ocean, oppressive, observance, obedience.


palatable, pamphlet, pantheism, papyrus, privilege, possession, pneumonia, penicillin, progressive, psychology, parliament, perseverance, personal, personnel, pigeon, pneumonia, proceed, passenger, parallel, phenomenon, possessor, procession, proprietor, preliminary, persistence, panacea.


quotation, qualification, quarrel, quarrelsome, questionnaire, queue, quorum, reception, recipient, recreation, republic, repentance, rhododendron, recommendation, relevant, remittance, repugnance, retirement, radical, recession, reconciliation, refrigerator, reluctant, representative, respiration, revulsion, restaurant, recurrence, receive, resistance, reputation, repetition, relief, religious, renaissance, relentless, rehearsal, reminiscence,


sabotage, script, senate, sociology, sphinx, strategy, supercilious, surgery, sympathize, sanction, schedule, sculpture, secretary, sensation, souvenir, stenograph, stubbornness, superintendent, surveillance, surplus, sympathy, sandwich, scissors, seismography, separate, sovereignty, stipend, summit, supersede, supervision, susceptible, synecdoche, separate separation, satellite, spontaneous, secretariat, sovereign, sobriety, Saturday, seize, superstition, suppression, sustainability, succession, simultaneously, segregate, Shakespeare, supersede, souvenir.


taxation, tenacious, tournament, transaction, transparency, tuition, technology, tension, toxic, transfiguration, typhoid, temperature, tranquility, translucent, tuberculosis, thesaurus, tongue, tolerance, tranquility, transference, tsunami, traveler, traveled, tremendous, twelve, technique, theatre, tolerance, tranquil, transitory.


unique, umbrella, uranium, utilitarian, vacuum, vaccinate, vacillate, valuable, vengeance, vegetarian, ventilator, vulnerable, voluptuous, vehicle, vicissitude, voluntary, welcome, welfare, wellbeing, winner, willful, whether, warrantee, warrior, withdraw, wrangler, wrapper, whimsical, yeoman, youngster, zoology, zealous, zigzag, zeugma

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