Precautions for Opening Table Mould

Die opening refers to the manufacture of die sets, which is a noun of mechanical production or technological production. In industrial design, this term refers to the toolset that forms the product design, including mechanical equipment and moulds. At the same time, mould opening is a production process with high total investment. Production technology, materials, and other factors may increase the cost of mould opening, so mould opening is a very important production process.

What should I pay attention to when opening the Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)?

1. Cooling (water passage) in the table mould is related to factors such as product size, shape, plastic properties, pressure holding time, etc.

2. The roughness level in the cavity of the table mould must reach the “mirror level”, otherwise the product is difficult to demould, and the product will be damaged due to excessive force during ejection. Roughness of positioning pin, clamping surface and other parts are all specified in standards.

3. The table mould must have sufficient rigidity, otherwise, it will deform during mould closing and pressure maintaining, causing “flash”.

4. The table mould should choose a reasonable exhaust position and its quantity control. Otherwise, the plastic injection will not be satisfied and the product will be “short of materials”.

5. The injection channel should be selected reasonably so that the material can reach each place evenly (the flow path is equal), and there should be sufficient storage to ensure that plastic is supplied during shrinkage.

6. The shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the table mould should have a reasonable shrinkage rate.

7. Choose a reasonable demoulding method, choose a reasonable position and quantity of ejector pins, and ensure that the products will not be damaged during ejection.

8. The fixing method of the table mould and the injection moulding machine should be reasonable, reliable and firm to prevent accidents caused by displacement during mould closing. And is convenient to disassemble.

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