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Mercantile Bank Ltd - Management Trainee Officer - 31.07.2015

সালঃ ২০১৫

prophecy --grasp


nostalgia ---disregard


None of these

the largest is Titan

which is Titan, the largest

the largest of which is Titan

largest is the Titan

None of these

avoidance ---propensity

dislike --debt


devotion ---prudence

None of these

carried away ---deficiencies

exasperated ---amenities

blown away --amenities

erried ahead---ambiguities

None of these

Except for Raihan, nobody came.

Everybody understands except me.

Except for the noise of Tina's typing, the room was quiet.

Except for your help, I would have failed

None of these

Nobody called, did they?

Open the door, would you?

He is your brother, isn't he?

The meeting is at 10, isn't it?

None of these

replace 'need' with 'require'

omit 'will'

replace 'of' with 'to have'

change 'greater' to 'great'

No correction is required

replace with 'it comes'

change to 'it has come'

change to 'it would come'

replace with 'it will be coming'

No correction is required

replace 'in spite' with 'despite'

insert 'the' before 'availability'

omit 'still'

Change 'highly' to 'high'

No correction is required

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